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”Japanese cuisine is an exquisite art that encompasses a realm of sophistication, grace, and alluring nuances.  This very essence inspires me to craft wines that beautifully capture and express this remarkable sensibility.  Join me on a journey where every sip reveals the artistry of nuance and sophistication.”

~ Nori Nakamura, Winemaker

Winemaker, Nori Nakamura

Born and raised in Tokyo, Nori first learned about fine wine at his uncle’s Italian restaurant. After graduating from UC Davis with a viticulture and enology degree in 2002, he worked as a winemaker at several wineries in Napa and Sonoma. He started his own brand, NORIA, in 2010.

The Name and logo

NORIA means “waterwheel” in Spanish. The image of water, nature and the basic energy of life associated with waterwheels overlaps with the elements of wine. The firework-like splash logo represents fun times in life shared with NORIA wines.


NORIA Winery had its opening in August! We are filled with anticipation as we prepare to delight you with our exquisite Californa wine collection. Feel free to indulge in the range of NORIA wines we offer, whether you choose to relax indoors or savor the experience on our charming outdoor patio.

725 Gilman St., Berkeley, CA 94710

Friday 3pm-7pm, Saturday, Sunday: 12pm-6pm




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